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Southend Orthodox Jewish Community

Preparing for the holiday of Passover.

You will see a lot of ingredients on the kitchen counters and if you look closely the counters are either covered in plastic, silver foil or tablecloths. This is to "separate" the counters for this particular holiday.

Another picture is of all the pots and pans that are used only on Passover. another picture you will notice the gas range is covered, this is another type of covering the regular kitchen to be able to use on Passover.

There is a picture of a child squeezing lemons this is because a lot of people prefer to make lemon juice rather than buying this goes for a lot of foods that are ready to buy and processed for you, but some don't buy from the shops as per their tradition.

On Passover one of the traditions is to drink 4 cups of wine a picture shows the wine 1 person bought. We have to Seder nights so 4 cups for each night, It’s mostly the adults drink wine and the kids drink grape juice

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