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We can sing outside at Eastwood Evangelical Church

Zoom has been great for us since March 2020 when we had to close our building and move online. We initially were meeting every day at 10.30 for different activities, which when you could not go out was a great opportunity to talk to people. From July 2020 as restrictions eased we met 3 or 4 times a week.

We had planed an outside carol service, but this was cancelled due to the new lockdown. The great thing about Zoom is people can join it via a phone (although they cannot see anyone) and this has provided an opportunity for people still to engage.

With the arrival of the great British summer we have started to hold our services in the car park, because we can then sing along. This is streamed via social media so others can join in, including friends in Kenya. We have been quite fortunate with the weather although slightly cold it has not rained yet!

It also provides an opportunity for our 'non-Zoomers' to join us for a service.

Simon Werrett (Minister)

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