What is PlastiCity

    PlastiCity is a three-year research project, which is aiming to increase the amount of commercial and industrial plastics recycled in the 2 Seas region – England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands (https://www.interreg2seas.eu/en/Plasticity)

    What is the aim of PlastiCity?

    We are currently gathering information on the status of commercial plastics and the extent of recycling. The aim of the project is to find solutions and replicable strategies for plastic recycling and to promote a circular economy.

    How does PlastiCity benefit Southend on Sea?

    Lost plastics are products that cannot be recycled or products that are used for a single time, before staying on the planet for over 300 years. The project will also look to research and develop strategies and solutions to identify, collect and recycle more commercial and industrial plastics.

    This will improve the living conditions of more than half a million residents in the 2 Seas region by reducing the amount of plastic pollution.

    How can businesses help?

    If you run your own business and you would like to reduce your plastic footprint we would love to hear from you. 

    Also, we would appreciate your time to complete the survey based on your business category. This will provide valuable information for our research and you could stand a chance of winning a £40 Amazon voucher.

    Please contact the PlastiCity team if you have any questions.