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Avenue Baptist Church moves online !

As a result of our building closing throughout much of 2020 we found that streaming our Sunday services online became a major vehicle for maintaining connections within our congregation. These services were initially pre-recorded, and scheduled to stream each Sunday morning.. then gradually we became more confidant to stream them live from an empty sanctuary each week into people's homes. We now currently can open our doors to the public on a Sunday morning for our Worship service, but simultaneously broadcast/stream our services live for those who are housebound or prefer to watch from home.

Along with this, we also arranged for s series of gift boxes to be delivered throughout the pandemic, to cheer and brighten peoples' day, which included treats, (cakes/sweets etc), together with comforting and reassuring scripture and a message of hope that encouraged people to know they had not been forgotten, particular those living on their own.

It has been a personally challenging time, with family loss and bereavement, ill health, and challenging circumstances but we are starting to see signs of hope as the vaccinations continue to roll out, and people becoming more and more confidant to meet up.

Rev J Kilpin

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