It is a busy road but we reach out to each other

by kamilpac,

Our group started on a busy main road despite very diverse housing and lots of businesses intermixed

Some people knew each other from living next door or having some shared activities but most of us got to know each other well in subsequent weeks. I don't think anyone every had as much positive interaction with their neighbors as was made possible thanks to the group.

We had lots of messages of encouragement in the group and in real life there were things gifted and exchanged. Spare bricks for a DIY barbecue, Shopkins , curtains material to make bunting, cake - lots of it! We also help each other out, there were offers of doing shopping, pick up perishables, dig up some three cornered leek etc.

The current focus are adventures of the resident hedgehog and trying to encourage it to visit gardens and deal with the slugs and snails.

We are really keen on being able to meet safely face to face again as a group and there might be a street party :) on the cards once the situation is more appropriate.

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