I've always dreamt of living in a place where neighbours know, help and support each other...

When it was clear that we would be entering a period of lockdown in March, I dropped a note through the doors of 90 households in my section of road, suggesting to get together in a WhatsApp group. The idea was that we would be able to support each another during this time.

Not everyone responded, but we have a 40 people strong group now. Conversations go from friendly banter to shopping help (including a toilet paper bulk buying offer in the early days of lockdown!) to offer of toys and furniture going spare. Someone even arranged an Easter egg hunt for the kids!

During the rare occasions that we see each other on the street, we talk to each other more now, and it feels like we are all looking out for each other a bit more.

We're also talking about the street party we'll be having when it's possible and safe again!

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