Our giving street

by Pat@inverness,

who knew 13 weeks + down the line our street would still be communicating wiv each other with as much enthusiasm as we did after week one

It started with people introducing themselves in a fairly friendly superficial way when people are jus getting started in a given situation but as the weeks and months have passed I feel we have become a strong group of people whose talents abilities interests willingness to help anyone and sharing are way above and beyond anything I would have hoped to have come out of this dreadful time for young, old, shielded, nervous and even shy neighbours.

I do hope these months will not be lost in oblivion and will be the mainstay of established friendships down "our street" going forward with the rest of 2020 to come.

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Sarahinverness almost 2 years ago
Karen, you started a true community. We have established true friendships in this street and a proper support network for all the residents. Our little community I'm sure will last and last well beyond lockdown. Thank you from the bottom of our heart's for being so inspired in setting up our WhatsApp groups. You have made our little bit of the world a much nicer place to live x
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